Jigsaw Medley 2

Jigsaw Medley 2

With Jigsaw Medley 2, entertainment for your time of relax is guaranteed
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With Jigsaw Medley 2, entertainment for your time of relax is guaranteed. Jigsaw Medley offers fifty different jigsaw puzzle games with three levels of difficulty, so that all members of your family can enjoy it.

Jigsaw Medley 2, features high quality photographs of different thematics, such as wild animals, flowers, people, tropical islands, lakes, mountains, and even paintings, to play safely without worrying about losing the pieces. The easiest game consist of only four pieces, which makes it appropriate for kids, while the hardest one has 840 pieces, and may take hours to solve.

Jigsaw Medley offers you different options to customize your puzzle game according to your like and expertise; there are two piece shapes to choose from, and depending on your level you can distort them to add your game more challenge. In addition, you will find other options, for example, to change the background color or its pattern, show only the edges to help you organize your puzzle better, and even save your current game to continue it any other moment.

Jigsaw Medley has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets you start playing right away. The pictures are really nice, and although it may lack some relaxing tune or music, it is still a worthy game to play.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining
  • Good-quality photographs
  • Suitable for all family members


  • There is no music whatsoever
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